Why Choose a Concrete Patio over a Deck

January 30, 2014 DanGuardo Opinions

The most cost effective deck is made from treated lumber. This cost is approximately $10 / sf not including steps or railings. Then you have to paint, stain or seal it. Then you have to maintain that finish yearly so your material doesn’t deteriorate. If you want a material that is maintenance free such as a composite material you can plan to spend around $30 / sf.

Standard concrete can be placed for around $4 / sf.

Stamped concrete can be placed for around $12 / sf.

So there is no patio lifetime maintenance?

These products are virtually maintenance free. Meaning you don’t have to perform any maintenance if you don’t want to. The only maintenance is if you want the concrete to remain looking new. If installed properly, concrete will continue to gain strength for approximately 100 years before it becomes decrepit.

Wood and asphalt paving can’t come close to that!!!!

Decks are lighter weight than patios, and can meet someone exiting a door at their level. How can patios that are concrete intended to exist on the ground compete?  Dan Guardo Contracting is well versed in providing simple retaining walls and internal construction to provide elevated patios, tiered patios, or any number of levels.

Another option is large concrete steps that not only provide access, but can double as seating.  Decorate them with potted plants so help your patio feel more like a secluded retreat. Concrete steps don’t have to look like concrete. They can be crafted to look like natural stone or even wood!  Find our Concrete Steps Section of our Portfolio.

In closing, not only is concrete a far more superior product that requires very little maintenance (if any), but a concrete patio will increase the value of your home more than a wood deck.